Software Doesn’t Solve Social Problems

I listened to the audio book copy of "The Courage To Be Disliked" last year. It's written as a discussion between a philosopher and a young man, about the concepts of Adlerian psychology, and there's a great deal of real wisdom there. One of the key points, is that Adler considered all problems we face … Continue reading Software Doesn’t Solve Social Problems


Cory Doctorow And Eco-Consumerism

I really enjoyed this fully-charged podcast and will be reading some Cory Doctorow. I especially liked the Bruce Sterling quote about the "grandfather problem". This is the idea that if you can do something less well than your dead grandfather, then it's probably not the eco-friendly behaviour you really ought to be pursuing.I think this … Continue reading Cory Doctorow And Eco-Consumerism

Docker and .NET Core Linux Performance Tracing

Note: This is an old post that was sitting in my drafts for a long time.  It might be useful to someone still as most of the content is still relevant.  You should checkout dotnet-monitor if you are using .NET Core 3 and above! - it promises to make the while thing a lot easier. … Continue reading Docker and .NET Core Linux Performance Tracing

Registrator, a Docker Service Registry Bridge

I've been diving into golang recently, partly by accident, given that we decided to use an open source docker service registration bridge called registrator.  Registrator fills in a niche with docker containers - how to get them into an existing service registry such as (the excellent) consul. We plan to use this to keep our existing netflix eureka … Continue reading Registrator, a Docker Service Registry Bridge

Glastonbury Ticket Site Update

Three years ago I wrote a detailed post with observations and advice on the Glastonbury Festival ticket sale, and how their website appears to work. Again, I was involved in the big refresh this year, trying to buy tickets for friends and family. I wasn't successful in purchasing tickets this year, although my sister was … Continue reading Glastonbury Ticket Site Update

Install a Babun (Cygwin) Shell and Ansible for Windows

Update: You might find this thread useful if you have issues getting ansible to work in babun/cygwin  - thanks mcfo for the comments. Update2: Another option is to run ansible inside a docker container using Docker for Windows.  This way you are actually using Linux to run ansible in, so are likely to have less problems. … Continue reading Install a Babun (Cygwin) Shell and Ansible for Windows

Off to Hudl

After almost 10 years at Servelec-Corelogic I'll be starting in a new position at Hudl on 1st June. I'm excited and nervous about the change and looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and learning about how they do things over there!  Some of the things to look forward to are their open-minded approach to technology, working … Continue reading Off to Hudl

Some Thoughts on Almost 9 Years of Remote Working

Since I started working for Corelogic in 2005, I only spent the first year working in the office every day.  I lived in London for that year, within walking distance of the office, in a nice, albeit small 1 bed flat.  That flat probably cost around the same price as our 4 bed semi in Nottinghamshire … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Almost 9 Years of Remote Working

Examining the Glastonbury Ticket Sales Website

Tomorrow is that time of year again, when hundreds of thousands of people spend hours pressing their F5 key, in an often futile attempt to try to book Glastonbury Festival tickets. Although I have been successful the last couple of years anyway, this year I had the opportunity to do a bit of investigation beforehand, … Continue reading Examining the Glastonbury Ticket Sales Website

Security Breaches From The Sands of Time

I found some interesting old news, back from 1999 that someone posted a link to in the SecurityNow newsgroups. I've recently started listening to this podcast - it's a brilliant way to keep up with computer security news, and I feel a lot more informed having started to listen. The articles were to … Continue reading Security Breaches From The Sands of Time